Jen Maher-Bontrager


Much of my work has been for intranet/extranet sites. While I enjoy this work and am proud of it, I am unable to link to it remotely. In most cases where sites are not accessible via the internet, I have provided screenshots.


Website Designs

These are websites for which I designed the layouts and handled the initial layout creation. I also handle maintenance for these websites.

HP Enterprise Services Business Unit Site (Q1 2013 | Q2 2012 | Q4 2009 | Q3 2009 | Q1 2009 )
As a member of the Enterprise Services Worldwide Marketing team at HP, I am responsible for maintaining the homepage, upcoming events, Our BU (Business Unit) section and Organizations section of the intranet web site. The web site is completely cross-browser and W3C compliant, designed with extensive use of CSS and jQuery. It is important for the homepage to be constantly updated, so several segments are being pulled from RSS feeds (or via iframe). No longer on the current version of the homepage: a Google API module that monitors the HP news releases and automatically updates; the Twitter feed fetched and processed four times an hour using Curl.

Amazing Accounts (index page, inside page)
Amazing Accounts was an employee engagement effort that highlighted HP Enterprise Services account teams across the world. The site won several awards, both internal and external:

2011 International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Silver Quill Awards, Southern Region

  • Excellence Award, Intranet Site
  • Excellence Award, Employee Communications Management
  • Excellence Award, Electronic and Digital Communications

2011 Business Marketing Association (BMA) B2B Awards

  • Winner, Best of Category - Online Employee Portal (Intranet)
  • Excellence Award, Internal Marketing Excellence Program
  • Excellence Award, Employer Branding Programs Above 50,000 Employees

2010 HP Marketing Awards

  • Winner, Best Employee Engagement Web site

The Bubbly Girl
As one of San Diego's premier food and wine critics, Maria Hunt wanted to redesign her website so that reflected her passion – sparkling wines – and her equally bubbly personality.

MMFX Technologies   (index page, inside page)
MMFX Technologies, Inc. wanted a new website design to match their new print profile. I also streamlined and reorganized MMFX's content, partially by combining the company's two previous websites. I also created a modified version of the website for their sales people to provide on CD to customers in the Middle East. (Note: As of 2011, I no longer maintain this site.)

Web-based Applications

I designed the content area interfaces and also handled the initial HTML creation and maintenance for these designs.

AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless
This application allows AT&T customers to set limits on when and how the phones on their accounts can be used. Limits can be set for a specific phone number based on time-of-day and monthly allotments can be made to restrict the number of minutes or amount of messaging the phone can use. I was involved with this project from its inception, through its launch, and into its maintenance phase. I worked closely with the customer, project managers, development team, branding team, usability consultants and members of the marketing group. As with most of the web-based application projects I've worked on, my portion of the project required Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jakarta Struts and Tiles and some JSP. (Note: Design has changed since launch.)

GoPhone Pick Your Plan Online
GoPhone Pay As You Go Online
These web applications allow AT&T prepaid customers to manage their wireless accounts. The sites were designed using CSS, JSP and Jakarta Struts and Tiles and support internationalization (currently English and Spanish). (Note: Design has changed since launch.)

Shared Prepaid Self Care   (Viaero, Suncom, CBW, Dobson/CellularOne) (now defunct)
The Shared Prepaid Self Care product allows small to mid-size wireless providers to give their prepaid customers the same functionality to manage their accounts as the large providers. I designed the layout for the pages of the base product and reskinned the application for each client. The sites were designed using CSS, JSP and Jakarta Struts and Tiles.


Other items of interest.

EDS infoCentre Global (Human Resources, Global & U.S.) (now defunct)
EDS Leaders Online
(now defunct)
As a member of the Global Marketing team at EDS, I was responsible for maintaining the Human Resources sections of the intranet. I also handled change requests for the leader-specific site (Leaders Online), which has managers, vice president and executive management as its audience. My responsibilities include content management (writing, editing), compliance with internal usability and web standards, validating pages against XHTML standards, monitoring site traffic and metrics, reviewing content for relevance and currency. I spear-headed a project to re-architect the Leaders Online site – managing information architecture, content clean up, user testing preparation, and simplifying the CSS.

PeopleJam (index page, profile page, "share a tip" page)
The customer needed someone to convert their graphic designer's concepts into useable web pages. I created web-formatted graphics from their Photoshop files and also created HTML pages (and CSS classes) to match their graphic design. My framework was then used in the pre-launch development portion of the site's creation.

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