Tuxedo Kamen Kaleidoscope Scheme

by Jen Maher-Bontrager

Click to download scheme

This download includes:

  • Tuxedo Kamen (full version with folders and long stem rose cursor)
  • TuxedoKamen (no cursor) (full version with folders)
  • TuxedoKamen lite (no folders)
  • folder of extra folders
  • "sailorMoon.org" - double click to visit my website sailormoon.org
  • the ReadMe file
Scheme Background:
TuxedoKamen (AKA Tuxedo Mask) is Sailor Moon's boyfriend and future husband on the anime series Sailor Moon. Although I created this scheme, I do not lay claim to any of Sailor Moon. All of Sailor Moon (images and whatnot) belong to their respective copyright holders.

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