Katze Kaleidoscope Scheme

by Jen Maher-Bontrager

Click to download scheme

This download includes:

  • katze (full version with folders and cursors)
  • katze (full version with folders/no cursors)
  • katze - declawed (no folders/no cursors)
  • folder of desktop patterns
  • folder of extra cat folders
  • "Author's Website" - double click to visit my homepage
  • the ReadMe file ("meow!")
Scheme Background:
In case you were wondering, "katze" is German for "cat." Yes, I do speak German... and I think the word katze sounds and looks really neat. The scheme icon is a pic I drew of my own "katze," Phoebe. This is one of my most popular schemes. It has been features in several Mac shareware/freeware CD collections (such as IGS's Online Game + Otanoshimi Soft for Mac 2). IT it also features in the September 1998 edition of the Japanese magazine MacLife.

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