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Things I've done:

Sites I've worked on recently:

Places to go:

  • Sanrio - lots of fun things to look at, even some Shockwave games.
  • David Bowie - my favorite musician! - the official site or Teenage Wildlife.
  • WhoWhere? - look up people on the internet.
  • Alta Vista - in my opinion, the best search engine because it doesn't allow fake META tags or "pay for top listing."
  • m a x i - a fun online (feminist) zine.
  • Otaku World - a really nice (and cute!) anime site
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  • Other Stuff:

    All clips are Quicktime Movie files (.mov)

    XTC's "Dear God" video (ENTIRE video - 18514k)

    A group of They Might Be Giants clips:

    George Clinton's Apple commercial (4018k)

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