Blackberry Vine Kaleidoscope Scheme

by Jen Maher-Bontrager

Click to download scheme

This download includes:

  • blackberry vine (full version with folders)
  • blackberry lite (no folders)
  • folder of desktop patterns (in a "pint" folder)
  • "Author's Site" - double click to visit my website
  • the ReadMe file
Scheme Background:
All the dreadful heat we've had this summer reminds me of picking blackberries with my mom when we lived in East Texas. My family had three acres in front of our house that was about one-third covered with blackberry bushes. My mom and I use to put on jeans, long-sleeve shirts, boots and gloves and pick berries in the middle of the Summer. We'd always fill up several buckets and have enough to freeze and enjoy in winter. Of course it was a sweaty grueling process to get the berries and if it hadn't become sort of a "girls' tradition," we never would have done it.

This Spring I found a blackberry bush growing rather haphazardly up through the Asian Jasmine in the front flower bed of my rented duplex. No berries this year, but next Summer: who knows!

About the Folders:
The folder icons are supposed to be little green plastic baskets filled with blackberries. This is how we always bought berries fromt he store. I'm not sure it it's just a regional thing, or if other people get them that way too. So, I figured I'd explain it.

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