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There's not too much here at the moment. But if the mood continues to strike me, I'll be adding more in the future.

Current strips:

Older strips:

• Sidewalks & Pedestrians

• The Gravel Pit

• Dogs & Cats

• Easter Eggs

• A Dream

• Bicycles & Bicyclists

• Asphalt

• Crowds

• The Great Outdoors

• The Reason for Windshield Dings

• Valentine's Day Sucks

• The Truth Hurts

• Wheels

• No Disco

• Crawlies

• Repetitiveness

If you're interested:
All of these images were drawn with no.2 pencils on used copier paper. some of the odd lines and shapes are because of the print on the reverse side of the paper. I promise that you're not missing anything. It's just a bunch of old Gantt charts and competency profiles. (Emo's not the only one who hates that stuff.)

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